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Indian Ocean Tsunami Essay

There has been an abounding number of earthquakes and tsunamis, but the Indian Earthquake/Tsunami was the most tragic one that has ever happened. For just the reparation it costs 19 trillion U.S. dollars, additionally 116 acres of land were destroyed. This is the Indian Earthquake/Tsunami of 2004 that costs more than $19 trillion, houses and buildings demolished and everything was in ruins.

This was one of the colossal earthquakes, with a magnitude (how powerful the earthquake is), of 9.3 and the Chile earthquake of 1960 had a magnitude of 9.5 so, they were close but humongous and deadly therefore, the difference of the two is .4. The earthquake happened with a convergent boundary. A convergent boundary is when two plates collide or hit each other causing tension, stress, and compression, which had the assortment of problems of the Earthquake/Tsunami being caused and starting. The two plates that collided in the Indian Ocean was the Indian and Burma micro plate. This earthquake/tsunami was recorded by a seismograph; a seismograph is an instrument that records how powerful the earthquake is. Therefore, if the earthquake is gigantic, the seismograph will make sizable lines and if there was a tiny earthquake, the seismograph will make paltry lines. Scientists used the richer scale to measure the size of an earthquake. In India the richer scale goes up to 10 while 10 being unfavorable. While there was plate movement, scientists figured out where the earthquake was. They also caused seismic waves, which is the underground movement after an earthquake and tsunami.

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The devastation was enormous both to the country’s economy and the people. Most of the land was covered with mud and the roads were destroyed. The economy dropped completely because the agriculture businesses, which are the main source of income. Couldn’t be maintained. Nevertheless, there was a lot more devastation like how there was a lot of deaths and wounds. There were 230,000 fatalities and 500,000 injuries, so together there 730,000 injuries and deaths. The rebuilding process took a long time, a lot of help, and a bunch of money. It took so much time to repair that they just finished repairing. But at least many countries helped like U.S, Russia, U.k., and France. But it cost so much, as much as $19,250,542,593.60.

“This was a day that was wonderful until the tsunami hit. It wiped out everything, killing most people, but I know that even though it was terrible we can live through it and rebuild to get where we were.” This quote was made by India’s prime minister at the time named Manmohan Singh to show that everything will be ok.

Summary: The economic, health, and educational impact of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.


Impact of the tsunami. Destruction on the human mankind.


A lot of building, house damage, boats and other vehicles destroy. People homeless and they have to live in other place. The government have to spend a lot of money to rebuild the damage area that cause by the tsunami. The victims of the disaster also lost their belongings and job (e.g. fishermen) and at the same time it also affected the economy that based on the aquaculture. The tourism sector also will be affected because most of the people will think twice to go to the effected area such as Phuket, Thailand and this can influence the economy development because some of the country depends on the tourism sector to stabilise their economy.


The PBB scientist alert that the epidemic disease will occur and spreads to the unaffected area. Starvation due to the lack of food and medicine causing malnutrition. Some of the medicine cannot reach certain area because of the lost connection. Many of the death body are not well manageable because they are many dead bodies. Because of that, this dead body contaminated the air and water. This can caused disease such cholera and malaria. The hospital facilities also destroyed and it will make the situation become worse.


Most of the students cannot attend to their school because their school was affected by the tsunami tragedy. They had lost their school so how they want to continue their studies in this short period of time? Most of the students will be left behind in their studies because they had to delay their studies until their schools are completely rebuilt. For the teacher they had to do more works and try their best to cope with some of the syllabus.

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