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Anatomy And Physiology Essay Topics

Academic papers on Anatomy & Physiology

Membrane Structure, Haemostasis, and the Healing Process
A 6 page overview of the processes which affect wound healing, haemostasis, and thrombosis. Discusses the role of factors such as integrin and fibrogen as well as various inflammatory metabolites, neurtophils, and proteolytic enzymes which relate...
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Depth Perception
A 6 page research paper that explores the mechanics of depth perception. The writer outlines out depth perception works and also discusses how depth perception differs from species to species. Bibliography list s 4 sources.
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Sleep Deprivation, Disorders, and Drugs
This 3-page paper describes a situation in which I did not get enough sleep and how my mood, behavior, and cognitive and motor skills were affected. There is 1 source cited.
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This selection of possible topics reflects the interests of our researchers.  Other projects may be available.

Art in science

Auditory laboratory

Cancer and cancer targeted therapies

Cardiovascular electrophysiology

Cell biology

Comparative physiology of adaptation



Evolutionary biology

Forensic anatomy

Forensic science

Functional anatomy

Muscle, regeneration, ageing and dystrophies

Neonatal physiology and biology


Oral health and equity

Reproductive biology

Reproductive and developmental biology

Respiratory physiology

Skeletal muscle damage and disease

Skeletal muscle physiology

Sleep science

Stem cell mechanobiology

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