How To Write Higher Modern Studies Essays

Okay, so I started Higher Modern Studies in June, and I'm enjoying it, as I find it fascinating. I got 95% on my National 5, but I'm really struggling with understanding how to write 12- and 20-mark essays for Higher. I don't really understand how to answer the questions, or how to carry out analysis - the teacher says "you've done it in English!", but English analysis is totally different.

For example, I was just assigned "To what extent do citizens in Scotland get a fair trial?", or something like that. How would I go about answering this? How do I structure it? How do I make analytical statements?

Hi, I presume that question is from the law and order topic, I didn't do that one so sorry can't be much help there.

12 and 20 mark essays are essentially the same.

12 mark, you want to have a short intro and then around 3/4 main body paragraphs, but you don't need a conclusion (but always just did a little one just so I knew I've summed it up)

20 mark, you again want a short intro and around 4/5 main body paragraphs, main difference is the conclusion as it is worth 4 marks.

In each paragraph you ideally want to:
- make a point/statement
- explain it
- give an example
- analys (good and bad points)

Hope that helps to an extent, fell free to message me with any other questions I got 94% in higher mod last year and I am doing advanced this year.

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